Veterinary care

The research work of the Doctors Camprasse led them to test out all of the intended applications of their biomaterial on animal subjects.

In particular, the Doctors Camprasse worked in close collaboration with veterinary clinics and equestrian centres in France and abroad.

They were thus able to demonstrate that all of the solutions based on their biomaterial are effective on animal subjects:

  • Repair and regeneration of hard tissue (fractures, subchondral cysts in horses, hooves, etc.)
  • Repair and regeneration of soft tissue (skin and muscle lesions)

Critical clinical case – Dallas (2008)

Clinical history – necrosis of the skin following oedema

  • Necrosis of the horse’s chest skin covering an area 36 cm long x 15 cm wide
  • Infection of the necrotic tissue, complete destruction of the adipose tissue
  • Application to the wound of a topical treatment based on nacre
  • After 15 days: closure of the lesion and hair growing back in its original colour