Skin repair and regeneration

From 1994 onwards, Doctors Serge and Georges Camprasse experimented the spectacular effects of mother-of-pearl on skin in the fields of dermatology, cosmetology and nutraceuticals.

Their experimentation in hospitals on critical clinical cases demonstrated spectacular repair and regeneration properties. For example, the skin’s healing process is accelerated in the presence of mother-of-pearl. Cell turnover, which physiologically takes more or less 21 days, has been dramatically cut to between 8 to10 days.

Critical clinical case – serious burn victim (1995)

Example of a patient treated with Bionacre® cream for smarting wounds. Bionacre® has proven efficient in treating deep second-degree burns.

The ingredients in Bionacre® inhibit the production of inflammatory factors and stimulate local tissue and cell immunity factors.

Through its antimicrobial properties, Bionacre® also controls microbe proliferation, cuts down the healing time and allows for thermal sedation by inhibiting inflammatory markers.