Repairing living tissue, with care

We believe in the infinite potential of mother-of-pearl to treat living beings.

We believe that the exploration of its multiple proprieties can even transform the medical field. Radically so.

Repairing living tissue with one of the most noble and precious treasures that marine ecosystems have given us: the mother-of-pearl of a special oyster species, Pinctada maxima.

We are the only ones with the knowhow required to extract active molecules from it and produce it in various patented forms, opening up multiple fields of application.

On the back of scientifically proven empirical results, we’re working towards a unique goal: to contribute towards a medicine of the future that’s less invasive, more inventive and more responsible.

Our goal: to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Being mindful of marine conservation, we also aim to protect the sea.

At MEGA BIOPHARMA, we all share the same raison d’être:

Repairing living tissue, with care.