Innovation employed for human health


Expertise in bone and skin repair and regeneration.
Multiples proofs of concepts and indexed critical clinical cases, along with multiple tests (in vivo, ex vivo, in vivo on animals), which have been the subject of scientific publications that are recognised by and the envy of the medical community.
38 years of fundamental and applied research.


Our nacre comes from Pinctada maxima, a pearl oyster cultivated for the production of pearls. We plan to grow it, and harvest it sustainably, on our own mollusc farms.


Strong ambition in the health and skincare sectors.
A natural, ground-breaking, patented biomaterial: Bionacre®.
Unprecedented results.


38 years of research work for optimal results – we take the time to do things right. The development of safe, effective medical devices also calls for endurance: that’s our mission.


We may have a strong ambition and a powerful natural biomaterial, but our company remains a modest, manageably-sized one that acts with sincerity.