Bone grafts, remedying loss of bone substance, bone repair and reconstruction are being performed increasingly frequently in orthopaedic surgery (vertebral fusion, vertebroplasty, joint reconstruction, traumatology, etc.). As a result, there is an increasing need for bone fillers and bone substitutes. The ageing population and obesity are found to be the main reasons.

Mother-of-pearl, a biomaterial similar to bone

Since the early 90’s, the Doctors Camprasse have carried out a very large number of clinical and pre-clinical experimentations on animal subjects. They have shown that mother-of-pearl – a biomaterial consisting mainly of calcium – is particularly suited to bone repair, not least thanks to its osteomimetic properties.

MEGA BIOPHARMA is working on the development of implantable medical devices with mechanical properties appropriate for orthopaedic use:

  • Bone substitutes (in the form of injectables or coagulum)
  • Osteosynthesis elements (screws, rods, plates, other)
  • Substitute bone pieces (intervertebral spacers)

Bionacre®, innovative technology for multiple orthopaedic applications

Bionacre® in powder form


Product / Use: bone graft substitutes for filling, reconstructing and repairing fractures (coagulum)

Properties: osteogenic, haemostasis’ being dependent on calcium, good acceptance by the surrounding tissue.

Coagulum made from Bionacre® in powder form and the patient’s blood

Spinal column

Product / use: injectable cements for vertebroplasty and kynoplasty

Properties: non dose-dependent, natural radio opacity, no reduction in volume, no exothermic reaction, rapid healing process.

Injectable cement made from Bionacre® in powder form

Joint reconstruction

Product / use: biological cements, watertight cements, for fixing the implant in place in the bone.

Properties: no exothermic reaction, rapid healing process, stimulation of angiogenesis.

Biological cement made from Bionacre® in powder form

Bionacre® in solid form


Product / use: plates, screws, rods, spacers, intramedullary nails – orthopaedic devices of the autograft type, suited to fractures

Properties: tight bonding, micro-movement and angiogenesis.


  • No second operation to remove implants: less stress for the patient, lower costs for the healthcare system.
  • Superior ease of use for surgeons compared to existing technologies. Can take the place of autografts in repair and replacement procedures.

Spinal column

Product / use: intersomatic cages, artificial discs, core replacement; treatment of spinal column diseases and vertebral fractures.

Properties: biological fixation (fusion procedures), no generation of harmful débris, natural radio opacity.

Joint reconstruction

Product / use: mono-compartment and multi-compartment devices for repairing faulty joints, compartmental implants suitable for the shoulder, knee, upper and lower limbs.

Properties: good acceptance by the surrounding tissue, no generation of harmful débris.