Engineering of hard
and soft tissue

Revolutionary technology technology

MEGA BIOPHARMA is the inventor and exclusive producer of Bionacre®a patented biomaterial, which has yielded scientifically proven results in terms of bone and skin repair and regeneration.


38 years of research work


10 major scientific publications


5 patent families filed in 40 countries

Research and Development

Nacre displays stunning similarities and great complementarity with living tissue, particularly human tissue. In our R&D laboratory, the Doctors Camprasse and their team are continuously exploring the scope of possibilities – the biological, mechanical and Physico-chemical properties of nacre – with the aim of repairing and regenerating all types of tissue.

Patented technology for the extraction of active nacre molecules

The Doctors Camprasse have developed Bionacre®, a revolutionary natural biomaterial extracted from nacre, which offers ground-breaking therapy solutions in many fields. The technology – developed and patented by MEGA BIOPHARMA – makes it possible to reduce nacre to micrometric scale, and to preserve the active molecules, depending on the intended fields of application.