The empirical results yielded and critical clinical cases handled by the Doctors Camprasse over the past 25 years encourage us to consider the development of dermatological medical devices.

With the support of experts (dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, etc.), we’re thinking about the scope of possibilities – topical treatments based on Bionacre® – to promote the repair of severely damaged skin:

  • Serious forms of psoriasis or vitiligo (two particularly painful and / or debilitating autoimmune diseases)
  • Pressure sores
  • Keloid scars
  • Serious burns victims

Experimentation on a patient treated with a topical product based on Bionacre®, on deep second-degree burns:

The ingredients of the topical treatment based on Bionacre® inhibit the production of inflammatory factors and stimulate local tissue and cell immunity factors. Through its anti-biomimetic properties, the topical treatment based on Bionacre® also controls microbe proliferation, cuts down the healing time and allows for thermal sedation by inhibiting the effects of bradykinin.

Expérimentation sur un patient traité avec un produit topique à base de Bionacre®, sur brûlures profondes au 2ème degré :

Les composants  du topique à base de Bionacre® inhibent la production de facteurs inflammatoires et stimulent les facteurs d’immunité tissulaire et cellulaire locaux. Par ses propriétés anti-biomimétiques, le topique à base de Bionacre® contrôle également la prolifération microbienne, réduit le temps de cicatrisation et permet la sédation thermique en inhibant les effets de la bradykinine.

Before application of the topical treatment based on Bionacre®

After application of the topical treatment based on Bionacre®