The Doctors Camprasse have carried out a great deal of research work and clinical experimentations in the dental field, either in their private practice (as dental surgeons), or in hospitals. The clinical benefits of using mother-of-pearl in the dental field have subsequently been demonstrated repeatedly by the scientific community. The MEGA BIOPHARMA scientific teams are actively working on the design and development of implantable medical devices based on Bionacre®, for dental use.

Two types of device considered for dental applications

  • Bone substitutes, used to remedy bone loss, in reconstruction and implantology

Available form: Bionacre® in powder form (coagulum or another form).

Properties: osteogenic. Haemostasis’ being dependent on calcium. Good acceptance by the surrounding tissue

Bionacre® powder



MEGA BIOPHARMA’s R&D work demonstrated and confirmed several extraordinary properties of Bionacre®, not least its ability to repair several types of tissue (bone, soft tissue) and to place itself under the local systemic regulation of the recipient site (like an autograft).

Advantages: osteomimetic, osteoinductive, mouldable, adhesive.

Advantages of autologous bone regeneration: non-dose dependent, no reduction in volume, natural radio opacity.

Coagulum made from Bionacre® in powder form and sterile water

  • Osteosynthesis elements, suited to cranio-maxillofacial applications and cosmetic restoration (implants, pins, plates, screws)

Available patented form: Bionacre® in solid form.

Properties: biological fixation like an autograft. Natural radio opacity. Ease of use.


Bionacre® Plates and screws

The first naturally-resorbable dental device. No second operation required to remove screws and plates following a fracture.

It can take the place of an autograft in repair or replacement procedures.

Osteomimetic behaviour that makes it possible to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Bionacre® bone replacement technology

Hemimaxillar replacement.

Bionacre® technology takes the place of the autograft.