Cookies policy

This cookies policy applies when accessing any of the “MEGA BIOPHARMA” group websites, i.e. the corporate website


What is a cookie, or tracker?

Cookies, or tracker files, are text files that make it possible to create a record of the websites visited by users and their activity on them. These files are stored on the user’s terminal (such as a computer, smartphone or tablet) or browser. Only the party that issued the cookie or tracker, and authorised persons, are liable to read or modify the information contained in it.

The term “cookie” encompasses the following elements:

  • HTTP cookies
  • “Flash” cookies
  • The fingerprint calculation result (in the case of “fingerprinting”)
  • Invisible pixels or “web bugs”
  • Any other identifier generated by a software program or operating system, for example

These files have various aims, and are widely used by websites. They keep them operating or improve the browsing experience, and also provide certain data sets to the site owners, not least in terms of user volume measurement.


What cookies do we use, and why?

Technical cookies that are needed for the site’s operation:

These are cookies that are essential for browsing our site, which enable you to use the sites’ main functions and secure your connection. Without these cookies you will not be able to use the sites in the normal way, so we advise against disabling or removing them. These cookies only require a data set from the user in order to be placed on their terminal, and do not enable them to be identified or their behavioural patterns tracked.

The main cookies that we use:

Name of the cookie Aim of the cookie Expiry timeframe
Technical cookie used by our web host to spread the server load Removed upon closure of the browser


Preference cookies:

These cookies make it possible, not least, to save information (such as the language preference) that changes the way in which the site behaves or is displayed.

Name of the cookie Aim of the cookie Expiry timeframe
axeptio Saving cookie permission choices 12 months


Analytics or performance cookies:

These cookies enable us to find out how our site is being used and how it is performing, to put together statistics, traffic figures and data on the use of various elements (content visited, user pathways…) in order to improve our site’s appeal and user-friendliness. The placement of these cookies is subject to the user’s prior consent being secured via the notification banner.

Name of the cookie Aim of the cookie Expiry timeframe
Google Analytics uses internal cookies that enable reports to be generated on visitors’ interactions with our website:
_utma Visitor identification 13 months
_utmb Start of session 30 minutes
_utmc End of session Expires at the end
_utmz Cookie identifying the site entry point used by the visitor 6 months
_utmt Cookie used to measure the volume of requests 10 minutes
_ga Cookie used to distinguish between users 13 months
_gat Cookie used to limit the volume of requests 1 minute
_gid Cookie used to distinguish between users 24 hours


Sharing cookies

Our site is liable to contain sharing links connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other similar social networks, which allow you to share content from our site with other people. When you use these share buttons, a third-party cookie from the social network in question is installed. If you are logged in to the social network when browsing our site, the share buttons allow the content viewed to be matched up to your user account.

The social networks that provide such app buttons are liable to identify you using this button, even if you haven’t used it when accessing our site. An app button can allow the social network in question to track your browsing of our site, if your account on the social network in question is activated on your terminal (ongoing session) while you browse our site.

We invite you to refer to the privacy policies of these social networks to find out the intended uses of the browsing data that they can gather through these app buttons, not least commercial uses. You can access the cookie policies of the social networks in question below:

Upon your first visit to each of the sites, a notification banner notifies you of the presence of these cookies, and invites you to make a choice. They will only be placed on your terminal if you grant your express permission via the notification banner.


How do you check which cookies are installed on your terminal?

Any change that you make to the settings is liable to change your browsing experience of our site. You can change your cookie preferences any time, as per the instructions below.

> Adjusting cookie settings using our settings centre

You can change the cookie acceptance settings by clicking on SELECT. You can then click on each category to allow or disallow the use of cookies of that type. This allows you to block cookies, if you so wish.

> Adjusting your browser’s cookie settings

You can adjust your browser’s settings to allow cookies to be saved on your terminal or to reject them, either systematically or depending on the issuing party.

The settings are different for each browser. They are outlined in your browser’s help menu, which will tell you how to change your cookie preferences.


Adjusting your browser settings:

Adjusting your browser settings does not allow you to block any cookies that may be left on our site. It is therefore recommended that you adjust cookie placement via our settings centre.


Need more information on cookies?

If you would like more information on cookies, you can refer to the dedicated section of the CNIL site.