Existant patented forms

On the back of their nacre expertise, over the past 30 years the Doctors Camprasse have crafted multiple bespoke medical devices for the purposes of their experimental pre-clinical and clinical work: bone substitutes, dental implants, osteosynthesis material (pins, anchors, plates), pieces of substitute bone, topical creams, etc.

Beyond its research activity, the MEGA BIOPHARMA laboratory also intends to manufacture the following on an industrial scale on its Crosne production site:

  • Raw materials that can be used in the design and formulation of products for medical, dermatological, dermocosmetic and veterinary use (nacre powder, percolation water, insoluble and soluble fractions).
  • Finished products

By 2022, MEGA BIOPHARMA will be selling its own dermocosmetics brand based on nacre.

By 2023-24, MEGA BIOPHARMA will be producing medical devices on an industrial scale and selling them in the fields of dentistry, orthopaedics and veterinary care.

Summary of industrial activity